Lead Life Institute's founder, Mary Lou Décosterd is the author of three leadership books and one children's book.

  Right Brain-Left Brain Leadership
Right Brain-Left Brain Leadership
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The Lead Life Institute is a leadership consultancy offering dynamic programs and services to help executives and their teams realize their potential and become their best.

Recognizing the challenges, opportunities and complexities of today’s world, The Lead Life Institute provides state-of-the-art approaches for business and organizational success. As our name indicates, we focus on the successful integration of leadership and life skills. The Lead Life Institute sees leadership as a broad term encompassing business and professional acumen, how we favorably impact the world and how we make a difference. The life piece focuses on attitude, interpersonal power and resilience.

The overall aim is to help individuals and organizations attain next-level success through sound strategic leadership and strong, aligned operating cultures.

The Lead Life Institute offers:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Women’s Executive Development
  • Team Excellence
  • Training Design and Delivery
  • Individual Assessments
  • 20+ Areas of Subject Matter Expertise
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